You are enough. 

For reasons as varied as each person is, most of us are walking around in disbelief of that. We’re flooded in every direction by messages telling us of the ways in which we are flawed. Many of us have been fed those beliefs our entire lives. But what would happen if you allowed yourself to gently unwind that mess and begin to relearn your body as a place of peace.

Our bodies tell the stories of where we’ve been, how we feel, and among many other things… if we are stressed or rested. When we allow ourselves to let go of the stories of past hurts – physical and emotional – our bodies begin telling the story of where we are now.

Healing Massage Therapy


Give yourself the chance to mend.

Your personal healing journey is your own to create – composed of stories that you choose to carry.

I truly believe that healing comes when we choose to heal. When I allow the days that I receive massage to be my “healing days”, I give myself the opportunity to reset. I practice more kindness towards myself. I’m mindful about drinking more water. I might spend some extra time in yogic postures and meditation. Or, deal with the clutter that has been slowly building up in my life.

Find out what it’s like to approach massage as a form of mindful meditation. See if it can help make a difference in the way your physical body feels and functions as well as the way the you beyond your physical body feels.